Introduction to Chakras and Productivity

How is your work life doing?

Many people are familiar with the chakras, and engage with these energy centers in spiritual practices such as yoga & meditation. It is often easy to attain blissful balance in direct spiritual practice, but it can be more challenging to sustain that throughout our normal work day.

For those of us living on a spiritual path, however, that is exactly what is being asked of us: to walk through all of life as spiritual practice, finding peace amidst the chaos.

Try the 7 Chakra tips below to facilitate higher productivity, less stress, and more enjoyment of everyday work.

The Root Chakra is the foundation for a successful day. When it’s out of balance, we worry about resource & feel fear and scarcity; our very survival might seem threatened.

Affirmation:  “I Am Supported”

Before Work, Ask:

  • “What really needs to get done today?”
  • “Who or what does my support system consist of? How might I engage that support system today?”

Throughout Work:

  • Attend to your needs for food, water, and breaks before it becomes urgent
  • Increase feelings of support by co-working with an accountability buddy for 20 minute work blocks together, checking in briefly between work blocks (via text or instant message)

Imagery:  Strong, deep roots underground supporting an ancient tree

The Sacral Chakra is the center of our desire and senses, and the birthplace of our creative ideas.  It seeks, and is fed by pleasure.

Affirmation: “I Get to Enjoy This”

How can we balance the sacral chakra by feeling pleasure in our work, even when the work itself is not necessarily enjoyable?

While Working:

  • Feel the laptop keys with your fingertips
  • Smell the air
  • Stay present with your body’s alignment in space
  • Check-in with your pulse, the softness of your gaze
  • Listen to music you love that fuels your work
  • Take a 20 minute break and allow yourself to do whatever you most want to do during that time, with no guilt

Imagery: Floating in warm water, moving your hands slowly through the water, feeling the pleasurable sensations where water meets skin

In addition to satisfying our need for stimulation, staying in touch with external sensory information helps us decrease attachment to passing inner sensations like frustration, anxiety, fatigue, or even excitement.  

The Navel Chakra is the seat of personal power. Here, we choose what we want to do, and use discipline to stay committed to those actions. The diaphragm is attached at this energy center. We can honor this by anchoring workplace focus and choice in the breath.

Affirmation: “I Am Willing And Able”

While Working:

  • Name a clear, achievable intention and use a 20 minute work block to get it done.
  • Use your breath and posture as an ‘anchor’ to remind you to come back to your intention
  • After your work block, reward yourself with a short break so you don’t become fatigued

Imagery: A martial arts master directing the flow of qi through simple, effortless movements.

The Heart Chakra, as the center of human love, is essential for satisfying work. We all know professionals who have lost touch with what they love about their work. That fate is totally avoidable.

Affirmation: “I Lovingly Care”

While Working:

  • Connect to what you care about in your work right now and why you care about it.
  • Even if you mostly don’t like your work right now, use mindfulness to notice some small things you do like about it.
  • Engage with co-workers and clients from heart-space. Remember that we all have joys, heartbreaks, loves and losses. Look for the ways life has weathered the people you engage with, and practice empathy.

Imagery: A joyful surfer going for a wave with all their heart, grace, and courage

The Throat Chakra transmits our desire, will, and what we care about through the power of communication. It is the conduit between breath and brain. When the throat is constricted, blood flow to the brain is compromised. Starting from the inside out, we can open our throats, necks, jaw, and shoulders. This facilitates the brain’s supply of oxygen, glucose, fatty acids, and more. Furthermore, the energetic and fascial lines emanating from the Throat Chakra must stay open and fluid in order to prevent repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Affirmation: “This is Truth”


  • Commit to speaking your truth – and hearing others’ truth – at work. Focus on kindness  and authenticity in self-expression.
  • While reading this, ask yourself, “How relaxed is my tongue? What if my my throat was less closed? Where is my cervical spine leading?”

Imagery: A blue flower in your throat is warmed by omnidirectional white light, and opens.

The Third Eye Chakra allows intuition and deep knowing to guide us. Work involves decision-making at many levels. By balancing our sixth chakra, decision-making becomes easier.

Affirmation: “I See Clearly”


  • Before beginning your next task, try meditating.  Set a timer for between 2-5 minutes. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and ask for guidance on your questions or next steps. Notice what information you receive, and experiment with trusting it.

Imagery: A fiber optic connection transmitting all you need to know into your third eye, as you receive it with ease


The Crown Chakra is about the infinity of silence. We can use the crown chakra to infuse our work with timeless qualities of spaciousness, presence, and faith. In return, your life will be rewarded with more of these qualities.

Affirmation: “I Am. This is.”


  • While working, know that you are exactly where you need to be, are being held and guided to your next move, and are right on time.

Imagery: A thin silver thread extending from the top of your head up to the heavens, through which information is channelled down.

We encourage you to think about and check-in with your Chakras as you work, play, create, and live. 


Your authors, and dynamic sibling duo: Regina and Marc Gelfo

Regina Gelfo is a holistic wellness coach and neo-shamanic healer.

Marc Gelfo is a professional French hornist and Founder of Music Star Games