Tamagotchi Music Star Games Guide

  • Posted on: 30 October 2019
  • By: admin

The first set of games consists of three that you can play with your tamagotchi no matter what stage they are currently in. They can be found under “Music Games” under the Games/Instruments/Toys menu of your Music Star and are as follows:

1. Sing a Song: This game is played by using the A, B, and C buttons on your tamagotchi Music Star. Follow the pattern of notes displayed on the screen. Depending on what round you are in, the number of notes can range anywhere from 3 to 6 at a time. The pattern that you are supposed to follow will be repeated twice. If you wish to skip the second repetition, press any button once it starts. Then, try to repeat the pattern you previously heard by using the A, B, and C buttons to select notes in the correct order. Note that this game closely resembles the “Memory” game that can be played on the tamagotchi V3, only using music notes instead of arrows. Win 10 rounds to win the whole games and win 30 points in the “Tone” category, as well as full happy hearts.

2. Music Notes: This game somewhat resembles the “Shape” game that can be found on the tamagotchi v4. Using the A and B buttons, you try to match notes with falling ones in order to eliminate them. You use the A button to scroll through the possible options ( four in all), and you use the B button to send your choice upward. Up to five notes can fall at a time in a line, and there can be three lines in all. If too many uneliminated notes start to build up, the games is over when one or more falling notes cross a line at the bottom of the screen. You win the game by collecting 100 points. Note that eliminating the ♫ note will award you two points, while eliminating all others will award you one. Winning this game awards you 30 points in the “Rhythm” category and full happy hearts as well.

3. Sound Block: Although this game doesn’t resemble any previous games, it is quite easy to play. Using the A and C buttons to move, you try to hop on blocks across the screen to reach the final “Goal” block. You start off on one block and must use the C button to hop to the next one. From there, you decide whether you should move left (A) or right © to the next available block. Be careful! Each block has a number ranging from one to three underneath it, signaling how many more seconds you have before the block dissapears. Try to hop to blocks with only the highest numbers on them, and try to move quickly without falling off. Reach the final “Goal” block to win one round. Win six rounds to win the whole game and get awarded 30 points in the “Original” category and full happy hearts as well.

The second set includes two games that can be played as your tamagotchi character matures into an adult. Note that they can not be both played at the same time.

4. Jump Rope: This game is unlockable and can only be played once the preschool teacher gives your tamagotchi a gift in the mail. Note that this game can only be played while your tama is a toddler. To play this game, go to the “Go Out” menu, and choose “Away”. Your tamagotchi will then meet with the preschool teacher as well as with another toddler and will play “Jump Rope” against them. The rules are fairly simple. Use any button to jump when the rope comes close to you, taking caution not to jump too early or too late. Whoever trips first looses. If you loose, no points are awarded, but if you win, you randomly receive two points in either the Tone, Rhythm, or Original category. This game closely resembles the “Jump Rope” game on the V4. Also note that winning/loosing does not affect happy hearts.

5. Music School: Although this game does not have a directly assigned name, it can be played when your tamagotchi character graduates preschool and enters music school. At first, your tamagotchi character will meet with two other characters and form a “Band”. Then, they will meet with the music teacher. Press any button once they start “practicing” to move on to the actual game. To play this game, watch for when a musical note (♪) appears over the head of one of the band’s members. Then, press the button that corresponds with their position (A being left, B center, and C right). Once the song they are playing ends, your tamagotchis will either be happy or sad based on how many notes you hit. If you missed three or more, they will be sad, but get less than two wrong, and your tamagotchi character will be happy. As the result of a perfect or near-perfect game, you will receive 4 points in any random category, as well as band experience. Although this “band experience” can not be directly measured, the more you go to music school and the more you practice and win at this game, then the more chance your band will have of having a successful audition as an adult and becoming a popular band. Note that this game does not resemble any other tama game, and does not affect happy hearts.

The next three games are available once your tamagotchi character graduates music school and moves on to find work. These games can once more be found under the "Go Out" menu.

6. Music Studio: Depending on what genre your tamagotchi currently prefers, they will go here to practice their instruments with their band members. To play, take note of the block that are passing the screen. To eliminate them, simply wait until they are directly above the arrow found on the bottom of the screen, then, press the button(s) that correspond to their position. Press the A button for the top blocks, the B button to eliminate the middle blocks , and the C button to get rid of the bottom ones. Take note that two blocks may appear at a time. To eliminate these, simply press the two buttons that correspond with their position once they are in the correct place. Miss less than three blocks, and your tamagotchi band will be happy. Although this game does not reward you money, it does help get your band ranking up and help your band perform better in concerts. Note that this game does not resemble any other tama game, and does not affect happy hearts.

7. Cake Shop: This game is exactly like the job mini game available on the band band V4 and V4.5. To play, try to grasp the correct pastry shown by using the B button to operate the claw at the bottom of the screen. Once the correct pastry comes along at the bottom of the screen, press B to grab it. You can also use the A button to cycle through the pastries faster. Collect 15 or more pastries in the allotted time to receive 600 gotchi points and full happy hearts. Note that this game does not award your tamagotchi any skill points.

8. Fruit Harvest: To play this game, you will need to use the A and C buttons to move a chain of baskets at the bottom of the screen. As fruits fall, move the baskets left (A) or right (B) to catch the fruit in the corresponding basket. Be aware that two or more fruits can fall at a time, meaning you will have to cycle through to find the correct basket or combination of baskets. To win this game, you will need to earn 100 points. Whenever you successfully collect a fruit in the correct basket, you earn one point. Earn 100 to have played a perfect game and earn up to 600 gotchi points.

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