4DX for Musicians, Discipline 3: Keep Score

Hey there 60% rockstar goal-achiever!

Think about it.

You know exactly what you want, and it’s wildly important to your cause.

You have control of the game with lead measures. You know the lag measure that signals you’re winning the game.

Isn’t it time to put up the scoreboard and start making points?

4DX Generic Scoreboard

4DX Generic Scoreboard

Define a system

No matter what your goal is, define some hard numbers.

E.g., “I commit to reading this post for 3 minutes, to move my completion score from 60% to 80%
Even something subjective like beauty, just put a 1-10 scale on it. Trust yourself to be honest.

Practicing repertoire? I use a 0-10 mastery scale. For example a 7/10 requires 100% accurate notes and rhythms, plus strong fundamentals and polished nuance.

Real Life 4DX

Here is the scoreboard I used to move this blog series from “Rough Draft” to “Ready to Read!”

I kept it right on my desk so I could look at it any moment. Here we are mid-process:

Visualize Target Results

Here’s where my above scoreboard is a failure.

Your scoreboard must show where you should be at any given time.  Here is what that looks like:

Immediately Visible

Can you tell in 5 seconds if you’re winning or losing? If not, the scoreboard isn’t doing its job. Put it somewhere you can see it for the duration of the project.


Personalization and aesthetics matter. Have fun, use shapes, colors, images & logos.  No matter what, just get some flair on there. Find out how much this will boost your sense of ownership and engagement!

Your Scoreboard

Try it yourself right now. Grab a piece of paper and brainstorm what a scoreboard might look like for your own WIG and Lead/Lag measures.

NICE JOB – By reading this post, you moved from 60% to 80% complete!

Let’s put it all together now, and establish a rhythm of accountability.