Business Acronym WIG as Wildly Important Goals

4DX for Musicians, Discipline 1: Focus on the Wildly Important

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Understanding Wildly Important Goals

A wildly important goal (WIG) is:

  • A goal that can make a big difference.
  • From an area where the greatest results are desired.
  • 4DX WIGs have a finish line stated as “From X to Y by when“. For example, “From 110 lbs to 105 lbs by March 31”.

What a 4DX WIG is NOT:

  • Vague/unmeasured goal, like “Play Mozart more smoothly” or “lose weight”
  • Process change like “Go from 40 minutes to 60 minutes daily practice” – that’s a lead measure, not a meaningful outcome goal.

The Whirlwind Beckons

4DX talks about “the whirlwind.” That’s the every day nonstop barrage of seemingly urgent tasks, emails, deadlines, etc.

The whirlwind will never really go away. Our WIG provides an anchor in the busy-ness.

Your Wildly Important Goal must be meaningful enough to keep you moving forward despite “the whirlwind.”

Congrats, you finished learning about WIGs! Now let’s find yours!

Find your WIG

4DX offers some questions to help identify your WIGs.

Take a second and type out your answers here (don’t worry, we can’t read what you write).

“If every other area remained at its current level of performance, what is the one area where change would have the greatest impact?”

“What are some ways you could measure that?”

For musicians, I suggest the following questions:
“What would the biggest improvement(s) to your music making be?”

“What would tell you if your career had arrived at the next level?”

Just 1-2 WIGs

Check out this poignant 4DX infographic. The more goals you have, the less you achieve!

The more goals you have, the less you achieve

Time scopes can co-exist, but just 1-2 WIGs per scope:

By next year, X to Y

By next week, A to B

By tomorrow, $625 in “rainy day envelope” to $645.

Within the next 30 minutes, my writing from “not edited” to “ready”

Free WIG!

Let me gift you a WIG.
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Designing Musical WIGs

Figure out what you want. Quantify it or divide it into milestones. (Then build a scoreboard, keep a cadence of accountability, and get a good night’s sleep!)

Examples of clear Musical WIGs:

“XYZ repertoire from 5 to 6 on my mastery rubric by May 30”

“By July 30, number of paid bookings from 0 to 2”


Moving Forward

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