4DX for Musicians, Discipline 4: Rhythm of Accountability

Congratulations! Through diligent reading you moved from 60% to 80% completion.

What can you commit to doing to move the score to 100%?

Why “Cadence of Accountability”

A compelling scoreboard only counts when you consistently play the game. That’s what Discipline 4 does for you.

Your cadence of accountability keeps you honest and provides satisfaction for a job well done. It is a surefire way to raise your productivity!

Guess what’s next: 4… 3… 2… (1?)…

Rhythm and predictability give us something to hold on to. How much easier is it to dance when there’s music?

A WIG Cycle is a repeating duration of time like week, day, or hour. Each cycle beings with a WIG Review.

Decide on a WIG Cycle length every time you use 4DX. To finish this blog series, I used a 15-minute WIG cycle. Longer projects benefit from a weekly cycle.

Want to avoid death?

In “ye olden days” of Grok, letting down our family or tribespeople might mean death.  Making a public commitment activates those old brain circuits… so you can leverage them to get things done!

Working alone? Just tell a friend “I’m going to do X and get back to you next weekend”. I did that so I could finish this blog post (thanks Cory!)

WIG Review

Start your WIG Cycle with a WIG review. What happens during WIG Review? It’s a short, focused time where everyone involved in the goal does the following:

  • Review the WIG and Scoreboard
  • Report on last cycle’s commitments
  • Clear the path and make new commitments

Clearing the path means identifying obstacles to achieving a lead measure, and taking action to clear that obstacle!

Make High-Impact Commitments

Ask the question, “What are 1-2 most important things I can do this cycle to impact performance on the scoreboard?”


  • Just 1 or 2 high-impact commitments.
  • Most Important” – choose the highest impact
  • I can do” – you are personally responsible for them
  • this cycle” – completed within the coming day or week, however long your cycle is
  • performance on the scoreboard” – every commitment must aim to move the scoreboard

Clear Blocks and Go!

Identify any possible blocks to achieving your new commitment (“Oh, I have a conflicting meeting.. I’ll need to reschedule it”)

Remember to celebrate your achievements and learn from your failures. Keep your scoreboard visible and updated through the whole 4DX cycle, and may you be blessed with the fruits of your wildly important labor!

4DX Scoreboard Finished Music Star Games

4DX – Final Thoughts

There’s a reason so many high achievers use 4DX. It works.

But it only works when all 4 disciplines come together. Which one might be your sticking point?

For me, it’s probably

What’s your plan to practice that discipline?

Hey there Virtuoso Achiever! You made it from 0% to 100% complete!

No more excuses – you know what’s important, you know how to act on it, you know how to stay honest and on track. Get to it!

If you want some help or just want to shout-out, email 4DX@musicstargames.com and we’ll get ya back!