4DX for Musicians, Discipline 2: Act on Lead Measures

Great job! By reading another blog post, you moved your completion score up to 40%.

Do you commit to crossing the 50% hump by reading this post?

(say yes!)

Lead and Lag Measures

A lag measure tells you if you’ve achieved a goal, a lead measure tells if you are likely to achieve that goal.

For instance, while you can’t control how often your car breaks down on the road (lag measure), you can control how often your car receives routine maintenance (lead measure). The more you act on the lead measure, the better your lag measure.

Our WIGs

Consider your first WIG.

WIG: “Within x minutes, move from 0% to 100% complete 4DX post readings”.

Lag measure: completed readings

Lead measure: minutes spent reading. Do you see the relation?


While finishing this blog post I used the following:

WIG: By 5pm from “Rough Draft” to “Ready to Read”

Lag measure: Milestones on the road from Rough to Ready.

Lead measure: Find out in the next section 🙂

Two kinds of Lead Measures

Take a minute to consider the characteristics of lead measures. There are two basic types:

  • Small Outcomes – achieving a particular incremental result
  • Leveraged Behaviors – specific behaviors that predict success

Reading this blog series, a small outcome would be “finish another section”. A leveraged behavior might be “focused reading for 10 minutes”. Get it? Good, you’re halfway through this post!

Traditional Music Goal-setting

Ever heard goals like these?

  • “Move my performance tempo from 112 to 120”
  • “Get high C by Thanksgiving”,
  • “Win the LA Philharmonic audition”
  • “Get the right note at the right time”

Do you see how these are lag measures?

Improve your execution by focusing on lead measures you have control over!

How? Brainstorm your lead measures, and once you’ve identified a couple of great possibilities, critically test them:

  1. Is is predictive of success?
  2. Can I take responsibility for influencing it?
  3. Is it an ongoing process or a “once and done”
  4. Can it be measured?
  5. Is it worth measuring?

4DX Goal Setting

Wow! Last section of this post – good reading.

For review, why don’t you take a crack at it. Here’s a musical WIG you can edit.

Move from to by

Brainstorm a couple lead measures (influenceable and predictive of success):

Congrats, you finished half the disciplines!

Want to start winning… all the time? Next up: Discipline 3, Keeping Score.